​​Special thanks to the people who appear in this film. Their images represent our stories in this country and around the world.

​​Score by
​​Raury (@Raury)

​​Featuring the voice of
​​Kailee Scales

​​Produced by
​​Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation

​​Directed by
​​Jonathan Olinger (@JonathanOlinger)

​​Created by

​​Produced by
​​Sienna Brown

​​Additional footage contributed by
Kevin Wall
​​Dieuwertje Heuvelings
​​D. Perry
​​Evan Carter
​​Giselle Datchoua
​​Jodi Rosenblum
​​Muhammad Rasheed
​​Stephen Attong
​​Greger Flak
​​Kenyan D Alexander
​​Estevan Baza
​​Ethan Garland
​​Rita Harper
​​Cooper Pattison
​​Toniesha Payne
​​Nick D’Andria
​​Adil Pastakia
​​Toon Jumelet
​​Sean Matsuyama
​​Melanie-Natasha Melcher
​​Merel Kok
​​Chris Lewinson
​​Trace Taylor
​​Yvonne Locke
​​Todd Anderson
​​Thomas van den Berg
​​Taiwo Bah
​​Raoul Laisina
​​Rowmel Findley
​​Jill Mathon
​​Cristina Fisher
​​Brian Fraser
​​Rowmel Findley​​

Thank you to all who helped capture this historic moment.