Imagining Abolition (Episode 3): The Abolitionist Pod

Episode 3 centers our lives as human beings – before we are workers, students, organizers, activists…

Black people have witnessed and experienced death for centuries. Over the last year and a half, with COVID, we’ve experienced it at an even greater intensity. In this moment, we want to focus on food. Dirt. Nourishment.

Movement organizers spend so much of their life working on tearing oppressive systems down. But what does it mean to focus on visioning? On nurturing something to life? This summer, several Black artists, farmers, and visionaries got together to envision that through an Abolitionist Pod – a pod containing hundreds of seeds, crops, plants. Enough to feed several hundred people for months – because this is what abolition is. Before abolition is about tearing systems down, it is about sustaining ourselves and each other as Black people.

“An abolitionist world would truly embody the kind of dignity, respect, and care and love we all deserve.”