How Do You Envision a Black Future?

February is Black History Month, but we don’t just look to the past in this month — we look to the future.

Freedom Fighters, imagine a future in which Black people are fully liberated. A future where our opportunities are abundant, we are thriving, and our lives are safe from police violence.

Envision a future where Black folks are liberated — and share what that would look like to you.

We will be sharing some of your thoughts and reflections throughout the month in emails and on Twitter.

We deserve a future where we are fully free. Where we are seen and valued as our full selves — mothers, fathers, teachers, students. Where politicians create policy and platforms to address the issues that impact our daily lives. Where we are not targeted and killed by law enforcement.

Share your vision of what a fully liberated Black future looks like — it is the world to come.

Nobody is free until we are all fully free.

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