BLM Network Statement on Community Accountability

On Thursday, staff of the Black Lives Matter Global Network received an email correspondence from a community member alleging harm done to them by a network staff member. This letter was the first correspondence we received on this issue. We responded immediately by email, proposing the initiation of a Transformative Justice process, and are still awaiting a reply.The community member posted their letter on Medium the next day. In the interim, the network staff member has committed themselves to the Transformative Justice process that we proposed.

We at Black Lives Matter Global Network take allegations of harm seriously. We understand the complexities from which harm can emerge and the ways in which harm can be shared. We are committed to supporting a process of transformation, accountability and restoration that makes space for the multitude of experiences and meet the needs of all involved. While the process moves forward, we will communicate with our community in a way that respects the integrity and needs of the people involved.

We see transformative justice process as part of our commitment to healing and affirming our humanity and resilience in the face of state and vigilante oppression. We ask members of the community to support this process by giving the space and time necessary for resolution to be found.