BLM New Jersey

Black Lives Matter New Jersey was established out of BLM Rutgers (New Brunswick) to expand the capacity in which we could continue the realization of the mission statement and goals of the Black Lives Matter Global Network. As a statewide network of regional and localized New Jersey BLM chapters, we conduct multiple strategic all-Black-inclusive liberation projects and campaigns. In order to facilitate the transformational work and mission of the BLM Global Network, BLMNJ works to extend the reach of the network’s campaigns across the state. Moreover, BLMNJ seeks to address the intersectional matrix of domination that is prevalent not only within New Jersey, but also the global community. We help to train, support, coordinate, and distribute resources, as well as network political and social interests and information to local BLMNJ chapters, allies, and accomplices. Our goal is to influence transformational liberation within the Black community through the guiding principles and policies of the BLM Global Network.