BLM Chicago

Black Lives Matter Chicago was founded as part of the Freedom Ride to Ferguson in August 2014. Participants decided to keep working together under the BLM banner and focus on amplifying issues in Chicago. BLM Chicago has been a part of a class-action lawsuit against the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department, organizing efforts to demand the firing of CPD officer Dante Servin; supporting hunger strikers fighting to save Dyett High School on Chicago’s south side; and organizing with many local groups and activists around protesting police crimes, police violence, police killings, and police brutality. These efforts include but are not limited to: supporting actions that led to the passing of the reparations ordinance for survivors of police torture under Jon Burge; helming Black August events/actions; and supporting/sponsoring actions and events for families who have lost loved ones to the police (e.g., Joshua Beal, Kajuan Raye, Bettie Jones, Roshad McIntosh, Ronald “RonnieMan” Johnson, Desean Pittman, Stephon Watts, Rekia Boyd, Justus Howell, and unfortunately, many others.)