Californians: Help Us Make Calls to Gov. Newsom’s Office Before It’s Too Late

While we are ecstatic about the historic election of Kamala Harris being elected the first Black woman vice president, it means her Senate seat is currently vacant. This also means that we’re faced with the unfortunate reality that if Gov. Newsom doesn’t appoint a Black woman to this seat, there will be no Black women in the Senate.

Along with the California Legislative Black Caucus, we want Governor Newsom’s commitment to this request — especially since he is expected to announce his appointee as early as this week.

If you are a Californian, we need you to help keep up the pressure on him by calling his office.

Use the form below to get started. We’ve also got talking points below to make it easy to leave a short comment with his team.

Talking Points

  • This isn’t just a vacant seat that should be filled by any Democrat — it’s a seat that should honor Kamala Harris’s historic win, and embody her leadership and presence in the Senate. That seat brings light to just how fundamental and integral it is to have a Black woman in the Senate — a seat that will determine just how truly representative the Senate is.
  • Ensuring a progressive Black woman fills this Senate seat is crucial to our fight for Black liberation, and ensuring that seat goes to a Black woman is a major part of our fight to make sure that Black women continue to have our much-needed voice in the Senate and beyond.
  • We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: It is non-negotiable to elect a Black woman to this position.
  • The appointment of anyone besides a Black woman is a direct attack and dismissal of the work put in by Black women organizers and voters that delivered victory for democracy this year. It would diminish the much needed voice of Black women across the country if Gov. Newsom were to take away their sole representation in the Senate.

Tell Gov. Newsom that the pressure is on. We refuse to accept a nominee that isn’t Rep. Bass or Rep. Lee, two qualified candidates demanded by us and the California Legislative Black Caucus. Call his office before it’s too late.

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