What Is #BlackWomenAreDivine?

Black Women Are Divine LogoThere’s no ifs, ands, or buts — Black Women Are Divine. And this upcoming weekend, October 2nd-4th, Black Lives Matter is calling on Black women across the world to reclaim our Divinity.

Together, let’s reclaim our Divinity in the name of Breonna Taylor. In the name of Sandra Bland. In the name of Wakiesha Wilson. In the name of the countless Black women we’ve lost. Our constant resilience is a reminder of just how much we deserve to celebrate our collective joy. And that is exactly what we’re going to do.

This weekend, we are calling on Black women to stand in joy, solidarity, and power to thrust the loads from our backs to do one thing: Connect. This weekend, connectivity is key.

We will connect with our Sisters, our children, our families, our communities, our Ancestors, and each other. And collectively, we will honor our Divinity in countless ways. We’ll dance. We’ll laugh. We’ll eat. In connectivity to our ancestors and one another, Divinity will be used to nurture our souls. To use and connect with our bodies for our own pleasure.

We are reclaiming ourselves from the power within. Because #BlackWomenAreDivine.

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BLM Grassroots will be hosting a range of events on and offline:

  1. Join BLM Canada for their virtual #BlackWomenAreDivine event. Together, we’ll send love letters and messages via sharing videos to honor the Black women in our lives.
  2. BLM South Bend is hosting a virtual event on Saturday, October 3rd to uplift and honor Black women as they work to manifest a new world that centers love and protection for the Black women globally.
  3. Join BLM Los Angeles in Norman Houston Park on Saturday, October 3rd at 12pm for an event focused on spiritual and mental healing. Make sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing.
  4. BLM Michigan will be hosting a virtual, sacred healing circle on Saturday, October 3rd for Black womxn. Space is limited and tickets are required! Get tickets!
  5. This month’s BLM Long Beach virtual general meeting will be grounded in Black Women are Divine, with poetry and centered reflections on the power of Black women! Register!
  6. Join BLM Boston for a virtual Black Women Are Divine event on Sunday, October 4th. Enter into a space of deep honor, intentional listening, visualizing, and sacred conversations affirming the life of #BreonnaTaylor and all Black Womxn. We will share live music, poetry, and words of wisdom. Full details on Facebook.
    • “I shall become, I shall become, a collector of me. And put meat on my soul.” — Sonia Sanchez

How to Send a Love Offering to Black Women in Your Life

  1. Write a love letter and/or letters of affirmation on social media!
    1. Instagram: Post a photo of yourself and/or the Black women in your life on your feed or story with hashtag #BlackWomenAreDivine.
    2. Facebook: Shout out your favorite Black women-owned small businesses or products on your profile and/or in any groups you belong to. Make sure to tag them and use #BlackWomenAreDivine.
    3. Twitter: Tag a divine Black woman in your life and let them know why they and all other #BlackWomenAreDivine.
  2. Send flowers. View a list of Black-owned floral businesses in the U.S. and Canada.
  3. Send any gift from a Black-owned business. View a list to get you started.
  4. A note for non-Black allies: Allyship to the Black women in your life is important — that’s why we want you to participate in the weekend of empowering Black women to reclaim their Divinity:
    • Whether you create a safe space for them or plan on participating in a protest for Black lives, do something to uplift the Black women in your life this weekend and beyond!
    • The possibilities are endless — you can write a love letter, you could send them flowers from one of these Black owned florists, you could even treat someone for dinner with takeout from a Black-owned restaurant.
    • Spreading awareness this weekend is just as important — share our social graphics that we’ve created to empower others to uplift Black women for our #BlackWomenAreDivine weekend. Find us on Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.

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Help spread the word on social media by letting your friends and family know about #BlackWomenAreDivine events near them! Here are some example tweets, captions, or posts you can use:

#BlackWomenAreDivine and to honor them the way they deserve, I am hosting a Zoom brunch this weekend for the amazing Black women in my life to relax and reconnect. What are you doing to honor the divine Black women in your life?

#BlackWomenAreDivine and belong in every house of power — including the White House. So this Saturday, I’ll be making calls to help elect Black women up and down from the ballot. Reply if you’ll join me!

This year has been trying for Black women — but still, we continue to rise. It’s time to pay tribute to all the divine Black women in my life, and that starts this weekend. I’ll be hosting a #BlackWomenAreDivine virtual wellness session to connect with the strong, powerful, incredible Black women in my life — and to all my fellow Black ladies out there: You’re invited! Join me: LINK

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Letter from Melina Abdullah, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles

Black Women Are Divine: A Reclamation in the Name of #BreonnaTaylor

A sadness has overtaken so many of us…Black women…cis, trans, gender non-conforming…an echoing of Zora Neale Hurston’s words, “Black women are da mules of the world.” The lowliest of beasts. Bred for labor. Driven to work. To bear loads. To bring profit for others. Sustained as property. Unnurtured as living beings. No children to which we have a right. Whipped into a constant state of submission. Bellows muffled. Ignored. Unseen. Uncared for. Unthought of.

Because to a world dominated by White-supremacy, heterosexism, transphobia, and capitalism, Breonna was a mule, they ignored the sunshine of her smile, the shimmer of her satiny brown skin, the perfect swoop of her hair, the pride that overflowed from the fullness of her chest, the roundness of her hips that awaited the birth of her yet-to-be-born children. To a White man’s world, Breonna was a mule. To a White man’s world, Black women are mules.

But, our backs were not meant to carry the weight of the loads piled upon them. Labor, and abuse, and efforts to dehumanize, do not turn Black women into mules. This is an identity that oppressors attempts to impose. This is not the truth of who we be.

The truth is that we hold within us the magic of our grandmothers’ hands…toughened, beautiful, leathery, brown with cracks that…if you examine closely…map the road back to generations past…to grandmothers before. The truth is that rhythm, and life, and mysticism inhabits the sway of our hips to songs that live in our own heartbeats. The turn is that the whispers that wake us in the predawn hours, that echo from the rain and the wind, are the voices of our foremothers whirling, encircling, protecting us from harm, and ushering us into our purpose. The truth is that the draw we feel to other Black women, hidden within gazes met, is the power to transform the world.

Black women are not mules. Black women are Divine.

Over the next weekend, October 2-4, 2020, Black Lives Matter invites Black women (cis, trans, and non binary) to reclaim our Divinity in the name of #BreonnaTaylor. We are calling on Black women to stand in joy, solidarity, and power to thrust the loads from our backs, to connect with our Sisters, our children, our families, our communities, our Ancestors, and each other. To dance. To eat. To use our bodies for our own pleasure. To nurture our Souls. To say Breonna’s name…and Wakiesha’s…and Nina’s…and Sandra’s…and Kisha’s…and Yuvette’s…and Nia’s….and Michelle’s….and Shaylene’s…and Ms. Margaret’s…and Rekia’s….and, and, and…

We call on people who are not Black women to express their appreciation and adulation, to gift Black women with flowers, with song, with prayer, with healthy and delicious food, with time, with art, with clean environments, with notes and expressions of love. We call on people who are not Black women to interrogate their own roles in attempting to make Black women into mules and to do better. We call on people who are not Black women to disrupt the White-supremacist-heteropatriarchal-capitalism that stole Breonna’s life, then condoned it.

What we seek to do next weekend is to begin and continue to remake the world.

We encourage folks to join a local event and if there is nothing scheduled near you, build an event, gift a loved one, friend, neighbor, or co-worker.

Let’s honor Breonna, the Black women stolen by state-violence, our own mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and each other by transforming the world into one where Black women are not made into mules, but revered for our Divinity. Black women are Divine.

— Melina Abdullah, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles