Black Women Are Divine LogoIn October 2020, Black Lives Matter initiated #BlackWomenAreDivine, inspired by the Spirit of #BreonnaTaylor.

Police and white supremacy stole Breonna’s life and justified themselves in doing so because this world tries to make Black women into mules — tried to make Breonna into a mule — mules like the ones Zora Neale Hurston writes about. We are reminded by Alice Walker, though, that “a woman…unless she submits…is not a mule…although she may suffer.”

We are not mules, not beasts of burden…meant to labor and suffer. Life comes through us…The whole of humanity was birthed through us. Black women make magic…make scraps into soul food, create music out of silence, turn pain into purpose, summon our Ancestors with our prayers, dream and build a world fit for our children.

We carry with us an unparalleled wisdom and laughter with us — there is hope even in our tears. We are the power and depth of the ocean and the joy and the light of the heavens. We are sacred, beautiful, and brilliant.

We are reclaiming the truth of who we are. We are reclaiming the beauty, joy, and magic that bubbles out of our very beings…that we feel in the perfect swoop of Breonna’s hair, the smoothness of her skin, the laughter that we can almost hear.

We are reclaiming the truth.

This time around, we were inspired to move this reclamation of the divinity of Black womanhood to March, taking the entire month to uplift the Black women who continue to grace the planet. We take this as a month of remembrance of our sacred connection to the Divine, our most righteous Ancestors, and to each other.

From March 11th to March 13th, to coincide with Breonna’s angelversary, we are coming together to celebrate our divinity with gatherings in cities across the country. Please join one!

If you are a Black woman, girl, or femme, please come and receive a day of joy and healing, with good food, art, healing practices, joy, and sisterhood. Bring only yourself and other Black women who will benefit from this celebration. Everything is free.

The entire weekend is meant to be a gift to Black womanhood…an expression of love and a celebration of our divinity. There are public celebrations set for Atlanta, Lansing, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. We are especially grateful for the private celebrations and offerings of BLM Benton Harbor, Boise, Boston, London, Long Beach, and our Prison Chapter.

If you are a person who is not a Black woman, feel free to bring an offering…flowers, candles, cards, and any expression of love and appreciation.

Throughout the month, please follow our Instagram posts at @blklivesmatter as we uplift “divine Black women” each day whose lives grace this planet. We’re giving them (virtual) flowers while they’re still here!

Join us as we encourage everyone to celebrate the divine Black women in their lives by sending flowers, gifting healing services, visiting them, and offering intentional expressions of love.