Black Lives Matter Global Network’s Statement Regarding Michael Cohen’s Testimony Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform

Since the President of the United States took office in 2016, we have overwhelmingly experienced an Administration that promotes an environment of corruption, nationalism, and oppression and cultivates a deeply radicalized, racist support base.

The hearing and testimony by Michael Cohen before the House Oversight Committee was intended to expose a pattern of lies and criminal activity by the President of the United States. During the hearing, the racially charged antics and accusations were repulsive, hurtful, and denigrating to Black people. It only further exposed the white supremacy, bigotry, and bias that is deeply embedded in US culture and that is propped up by the current Administration.

As disheartening as this was, we are reminded that the 2020 election is around the corner. We can make our voices heard by voting this Administration out of office. While we know we still have a long way to go to ensure Black folks are liberated, safe, and free, during this election cycle we will hold candidates accountable and demand they center an agenda that protects and empowers our communities. We will demand that candidates address the increasing acts of racism, division, and white supremacy that impact us every day.

As always, we vow to continue to uplift Black folks, love on us, and remind ourselves that we are worthy of love, respect, and dignity.