Black Lives Matter Cambridge is Listening to Our Community

Working with Black youth and Black Families: Black families continue to experience racism in Cambridge Public Schools, so BLM Cambridge has been attending family conferences and administration meetings with Black families as witnesses, as advocates, and aunties.


The Black Student Union of Cambridge Rindge and Latin: The BSU of Rindge are a group of brilliant and courageous young people, who’d experienced enough white violence, on a daily basis, released two videos this school year to call out racist systems, racist admin, racist educators, a racist school community, and their racist high school.  Their shouts fell on cowardly silence and they challenged the community to stand with and up for them after being subjugated to violent emails and behaviors, including parents, other students, their teachers and administrators.  School officials, as usual, were dragging their feet and BLM Cambridge, led by the BSU, showed up to disrupt a school committee meeting.  One BSU youth suggested the tactic of community members ceding their time to BLM Cambridge, and we took over the mic for over 10 minutes with song, poetry, and calling people out for their lies and silence.  We also had folks in the audience wear signs that from the Harvard action, so the city knows that Cambridge community members and Black community members are standing in solidarity and paying attention to entire racist city of Cambridge. Together, we had some small wins that night and continue too, but the city is doing it’s best to slow down any progress and address the BSU’s demands…we will continue to fight, show up, and listen to Black youth.  Lastly, the BSU has a Black educator, teaching at the school, who is facing so much violence standing with these young people.  There are also lot of Black families showing up for these young people and gathering themselves, intentionally without white people, to support and make change. Links to the BSU videos are here:


Books and Breakfast: Our Books and Breakfast program continues to be something folks look forward to and this month we changed it up a little to connect more deeply with Black people in our community.  We usually use a location that is gifted to us but this month we partnered up with Black folks living in community housing and delivered books and breakfast to folks right outside in the park.  It was so special to have folks come right down and spend time together over coffee and conversation and you know we had some good laughs too.


Tech Companies snatching housing and jobs:  BLM Cambridge has a legacy of addressing affordable housing for Black people.  To partner witth that legacy, we are now taking tech classes, in hopes to offer free tech classes to Black people, especially in The Port, a community with a beautiful history of Black people thriving.  The community has demanded these companies offer free classes, and those demands haven’t been met, so we are hoping we can support folks on gaining some skills that will support employment.