Our last pair for Black Futures Month 2018 was our very own Art + Culture creative director Noni Limar and Dana Washington.

Noni has a decade-long resume in television, theater, commercials, and music. She is committed to create by any means necessary. Instagram | Twitter

Dana Washington is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores existence, agency, and the imagination. Through experimental film, portraiture, text, and narration, Dana examines family history, fiction, and memory, as well as the condition of black and queer persons, centering on oppression, representation, and healing. Website | Instagram


by noni limar

i cannot heal you

that is not my job

you will have to heal yourself

you will have to save yourself

i am only a midwife to your emotions.

all sickness begins in the heart

not the body.

the body is a gilded thread pulled slowly

over time it spins and splits / brittle

it will eventually shred.

i am not here for ur body

i am here for ur heart.

the heart is a memory.

a temple of worship & transgressions.

let me hold yours

like a copper bowl / fill it with sound


let me press my mouth to ur heart and hum

listen/ hum / listen/ hum

let me press my cheek to ur chest

watch it cave in

heave/ blue / heave

u weep in time



i tap the nape of ur neck

keeping beat


here is your healing—

let me ask about you

how are you?

how are you sleeping?

how is your mother?

where is your father?

are you speaking?

and your lover?

are they listening?

and your dreaming?

are you dreaming in color?

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