On week two of Black Futures Month, we presented the works of Aja Monet & Yemonja Smalls and Suzi Analogue & Rafia Santana.

Dr. Yemonja Smalls is an emerging Chicagoland and now Baltimore artist who has been creating since she could hold a crayon in hand. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Aja Monet is an internationally established poet and educator. Their collaboration lifts up the name and memory of Erica Garner. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Suzi Analogue is an incredibly versatile producer, vocalist, and designer whose futuristic, forward-thinking music blends abstract hip-hop, neo-soul, and electronic experimentation. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Rafia’s work touches on everything from mental illness to her identity as a Black woman. Her work is a rethinking of internet and selfie culture executed via mesmerizing GIFs and carefully-composed photos that make you do a double take. Twitter | Instagram

Find Suzi and Rafia’s Piece “Stay Proud Mary” on Blavity.

Find Aja’s poem and Yemonja’s illustration tribute to Erica Garner on Blavity.