Latinx Heritage Month Is Coming to a Close

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Today marks the final email of our 4-part email series to commemorate Latinx Heritage Month. In honor of the month, we joined forces with @HBCUPalante to bring a wide-ranging look at the African Diaspora — honing in on intersectionality, specifically those of Latinx descent…

BLM and HBCU Pa’lante “Breaking Barriers Para Puentes” Webinar

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A discussion on Latinx experience in different industries, voicing for cultural concerns, highlighting complexities of their heritage, and societal integration. The discussion hones in on the intersectionality of the African Diaspora and Latinos/x/as/es in the United States. It includes dialogue on language — words get lost in translation, what it means to be Black in LatinX homes, and identifying categories — Latino/a/x/e, Hispanic, Chicano/a as well as the often-asked questions…

George Floyd Volunteerism Week

George Floyd Volunteerism Week

Today is George Floyd’s 48th birthday. He should still be here today, celebrating with his friends and family. George Floyd was a living example of how everyone can make a significant impact in their own communities. That’s why we’re uplifting the George Floyd Memorial Foundation and the first-ever George Floyd Volunteerism Week happening this week from October 10th-16th…

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