The Loud Silence When Trans Women of Color Are Killed

Eyricka Morgan, 26, was a black transgender woman. She was a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She was an activist. She was fatally stabbed in September 2013. She was my friend.


  1. Carolyn

    I pray this organization thrives. Black people have been fighting for a long time just to be heard and to have the same opportunities as white people. What is very disturbing to me is how much they are aware of their actions against us. I would encourage all black families to start empowering their children. Please, talk to them about racism and share the hard stories. Also, share your talents, get paperwork in order to transfer property to your children in the event of tragedy (Revolcable trust) also, Black people teach your children financial issues and responsibility. I feel we need to impower our own children and over time they will have the knowledge, power, and move into positions of leadership without the help of white people. What we fail to realize is, stop looking to them to ackowledge us and lets do it ourselves. One household at a time….. Please, it can be done!!!!


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